Let me know what I can do!!! Then report them to FCC if/when they call or text you. Step 4) The check is fake, so it bounces, and you are stuck paying back all the money to the bank. I actually went and deposited the check in my bank. Walmart is testing out a new system at a store in Arkansas. But, before I did anything else, I decided to do some research online and found this. Our sincere apology for the inconvenience and delay we may have caused you in reference to your first assignment. The job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are as long as you are reaching the post office, You get paid once we begin work and more details will be giving from time to time. file:///C:/Users/maria/Pictures/img005.pdf#page=1 is this a scam. Go to the register and add cash of $500 to each card. According to the retailer, in an attempt to speed up the checkout process, the store won’t have cashiers, but self-checkout hosts at the front, whose role will be to help customers and even check their groceries if they prefer it. The check I received is from Delta Air Lines. You then take photos of the front and back fo the card, and send it to the scammers who are pretending to be Walmart reps. 4. Mostly because you are not sending any money to anyone. just wondering, because I need to do that. Then report them to your State Attorney Generals office. Now if you really want to make money check out [promo removed]. The evaluation can be done at any nearby Walmart and many other grocery, drug, and convenience stores with Walmart Gift cards. Up to you but personally, I wouldn’t withdraw the money and I would contact my financial institution immediately, expressing my concerns. I filled out a report with the Federal Trade Commission, but it’s a shame I can’t upload any of these documents they sent me. Was on the way to the bank to deposit the check when I saw your post. You can purchase a Walmart MoneyCard for $1 at any checkout lane or request a MoneyCard online and avoid the issuance fee. Hey Dot, wow that’s a lot of times to get one of these checks and love your approach lol. A mystery shopper (AKA secret shopper) is a legitimate gig in and of itself. It had a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $2,620 and a letter telling me to spend $100 shopping at Walmart, keep $500 for myself and buy 4 $500 Walmart gift cards. Thompson Drew my guy to e- mail. That number is often missing on a fake check or is fake itself. My name is Tim and I’m the creator of Affiliate UNguru. Honestly, it’s not very smart to send someone money and at the same time ask them to convert the money into money orders and mail to other recipients and then use threats if you don’t comply. It’s really a case of doing your due diligence and getting the word out more than anything. Claiming they are evaluating the availability of Walmart gift cards and the arrangement of the cards display. I didn’t do any of it. That’s odd. FRAME IT!!!!! I also needed to peel the silver scratch off area and not discard the cards and to send captured images of the card front and back after scratched. Walmart says it is an attempt to see if checkout times are faster while limiting human interaction in the age of the coronavirus. I have unfortunately fall victim to this scam. just text on paper.. the letter.. pretty much like the article says. Appreciate the comment Nanjah, but please don’t come here trying to promote stuff. Thanks so much. For answers to your Check Cashing questions, please call 1-800-WALMART *Max fee of $4 for checks up to $1,000. The company is also experimenting with letting customers text orders, using specific photos of … And always do your due diligence. You know the saying… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Something told me to go online and research. I received a cashiers check today for $2900 with instructions to go to Walmart and purchase money orders and to keep 400 for my services and 100 for gas and expenses. In the case of the Walmart secret shopper scam, these funds are provided for you to purchase various items in-store. I’ve never been a mystery shopper so I didn’t know what to expect. I just received a check for $2,420 the bank on the check is LINCONE Federal Credit union to cash or deposit it into my account. It did look very legit at glance but looking more into it made no sense with discrepancies along the way. This is perhaps the most common version of this scam. The retailer recently launched a touch-free payment system also aimed at helping mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Just got my check for $4, 500 with instructions to buy 4 – $1000 money order, FedEx them back and keep the other $500 for gas and payment. I just recieved the packet the check and to do a Walmart 2 Walmart transfer . The check they sent appeared to have been a Wells Fargo check and looked authentic!!! Purchase 7 WALMART GIFT CARDS or WALMART VISA GIFT CARDS at store. Funds will be available immediately or in 24 hours. I just received one of these checks today for $2420. Remember, you believe you are dealing with the real Walmart. I have done mystery shopping work in the past and went through a very formal intake process each and every time. Great! This eliminates the need of posting you checks for other upcoming assignments. I feel sick right now. You spend it and do what’s needed, and then after 3 weeks you’ll see the bank caught on and removed the funds. I called and notified state police. The person gave their name as Cindy Luke in text messages, and the bogus cashier’s check is signed Joan Hedges. So they’ll start a new company name/ website/ use new email accounts/ phone numbers addresses/ fake alias’ and change the scam up so it seems different, even though it’s the same. I have the letter they sent, the check, a couple of texts and emails. Free Training: The 4-Step Formula I Use to Generate Over $10K p/m Online, Tools and Resources I Use to Build My Business. So it does make sense for a company to hire a mystery shopper and it’s a real thing. You can see how I did it in this free training. Wrong. Step 1) You receive a fake cashiers check for just under $3k and deposit it into your bank. Weird. In any case, by following the scammers instructions, you will have nothing but a few hundred dollars, and a sizeable debt to the bank. The cashiers will be on unemployment for awhile then have to find another job.I think it sucks myself. You’ve done your homework and avoided the worst case, so well done. The content I received tries to create a prisoner’s dilemma–comply or get a visit from us. The documents alone spelled fraud. I will patronize stores that have cashiers. A cashier’s check is a type of official check that banks issue and sign. Tomorrow I am to go and purchase a 50.00 and 25.00 I tunes cards. Three (3) things that could be improved in this store (Services). Thank you sooooo much for your post, I almost did it! With that being said, everything helps so I guess any new evidence could be helpful to law enforcement in catching these guys. Because the funds are drawn directly against the issuing bank’s cash reserves — not a customer’s personal account — the checks cannot bounce. Thanks for all the info. That is not an image we can see since it is a file that is local to your computer. Then decided to goggle the web. Guy in jeans and t shirt saying he covering two routes today. From my experience, Mystery Shops do not provide money upfront to anyone to pay for the cost of the shop. Further updates with instructions will arrive in your mail next week. Ya right! Note: Do not use or register the cards until you are told to do so. 1 reason why Walmart enjoys to use teens is on account of the electricity and excitement that … It’s also worth reporting these scams to the relevant authorities, even … Why? You’ll need to go to your bank or credit union to purchase a cashier’s check. Rec’d the mystery shopper with check for $2294. this week. This involves going into a store and engaging with staff members, and can also include purchasing products. If you never use or deposit their check you should be fine, I say keep it as evidence against them, right? Therefore, anyone posing as Walmart in relation to such a job is a scammer. The funds from these checks can often be withdrawn within a day, yes. Without a doubt this is a scam and you are smart for not following their instructions. I could cash or deposit the check. Second, the threatening language used in the two pages of instruction. Here’s what one person reported on Consumer Affairs…. As a result some needy and hopeful person will be hurt if this is not stopped. Superstore giant Walmart is testing out a new policy replacing all cashiers at one of their stores with self-checkout kiosks, and they're considering doing it all over the country. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me and you are to work for just a few days of the week. Interestingly, I did get a “check” and letter from Nike that I’m sure is this same type of scam. The retailer is removing cashiers and standard conveyor belt lines at one of its popular superstores in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The internet is a wonderful place to learn how to build a business and/ or create an extra income, but it’s full of scams at the same time. Thank goodness for Google. Walmart does not hire mystery shoppers and they clearly state this on their website…. Up to you really but whatever you do- don’t cash the check. I got this today. How Do I Find Check-Cashing Services Near Me? "A cashier's … Yeah it is a shame. also e-mail with instructions to money gram $1694 to Ruffin Sams $1314 to Briscoe Wigfall with Texas addresses. I just received a letter and a cashier’s check in that same amount. One they don’t do that two they don’t do that. Thank you for posting your article!!! Third party companies, or the company itself, hire mystery shoppers to ‘act’ like a real customer. It as also just as you described. Either a fake painting service or someone is using their site without permission. I received the package today from Intershop Inspired by Tomorrow. Excuse my language but I was screwed before and it cost me $5000.00 I had to pay back to my bank. We don’t plan on withdrawing any funds so we won’t be on the hook. In addition, sites like Consumer Affairs and the BBB are good for warning others about such scams. The letter also includes a $2,900 cashiers check. The average hourly pay for a Cashier at Walmart.com is $11.31. POLL: Will you be spending Christmas with your family or social distancing? then I started to received text messages right away, trying to get me started cashing the check. I have worked as a mystery shopper before and thought it was legitimate for a while. The mystery shopper documents his or her experience and is paid for their work. I am mediately thought if it sounds too good to be true and looked online and found this article needless to say I am very sad but it could be worse, I could be out $2900! I just checked that link and it’s literally the website for a local US painting contractor? Is there point in reporting receipt of such a scam check to the authorities? Up to you though really. If you have a cashiers check that is obtained at another location Walmart is able to cash the cashiers check for a nominal fee. I do have a question: what should I do with this the items that were mailed to me and will I be getting calls from attorneys in the not so distant future for not responding to these scammers? Thanks for sharing this information, because I apply on line and just received a $2350, Ck drawn on Investsr Bank, in which it’s a legitimate Ck. The logo itself was a bad copy of the authentic logo. Cashier’s check fraud is rampant and it is by no means limited to Walmart secret shopping scams. Glad I did.I guess this is a scam. One for $2900 and buy five gift cards scratch off stuff on back and take pix. There are several variations of this scam, so the way each individual scam works will change. You saved a lot of people from being screwed from what i see and I so appreciate it. I searched it and it’s a VOIP number, probably via Google. Basically he’ll send me a check (I think he was offering $600 a week to “run errands” which he said was dropping things off at the post office…) for the expenses and, if im correct, it will be over the amount, so instead of $600, he’ll “accidentally” send $1600. They also send me a text message I will receive a check of$300 for being a secret shopper for Walmart Can or shoud law enforcement be notified of this? Walmart is aware, and have been dealing with these scammers who pose as company reps for years now. So please be careful and don’t get sucked into these Scams. Is there anywhere we can turn this into, to stop these people? As long as it meets all other check cashing requirements with regards to identification, amount limits, date of issue etc. These people need to spend time getting a real job. You will also use the funds to carry out future assignments. But I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I live with my disabled father and we are already struggling to get by from week to week and if I went through with this scam we would literally be out on the streets. However, cashier's checks can work out to be less expensive in some situations. Since they want to keep their ‘job’ and make more money in future. The first step is really exercising caution and doing your homework. I was to pick five Wal-Mart Gift Cards, go to the register, and add $500 to each card. Note: Under no circumstance should you acknowledge that you are evaluating their services as that will deter the purpose of the program. Scam for sure!! This appears to be the latest trick these scammers are using to steal from people. Cashier’s check fraud is rampant and it is by no means limited to Walmart secret shopping scams. I went ahead and deposited the check into my checking account but got to thinking it was just to good to be true so I started researching and came across this article. Thinking it was a legit offering as I have applied to other companies that are in the business I replied that I was. If you receive a package like this report it to the FTC under fake checks. These are still going out. The check watermark, micro print border heat sensitive icon & foil hologram, from First Republic Bank. Subject to applicable law. I also got a text from an unknown source “YouwirePackageNotice 5th notification.” I will not click the link because it’s either a virus to my phone, or a way to see if I’m ignoring them. I just received a check sent as Priority mail to be a secret shopper for Walmart! Common Uses for Cashier’s Checks . It was a cahiers check. I first received a text message about if I would be interested in doing a Mystery Shop of Walmart. I have not presented to bank. thankfully i found this before i deposited the check it makes me angry though because i was on a legit job search site when i saw this job and the money would be VERY helpful right about now i just want to find theses people and shove this check you know where. The end result is you obtaining $2.5k worth of Walmart gift cards, and keeping $400 for your fee. In store , and to purchase 4 $500, gift cards., instructions to picture front and back to send to them with reports on customer service ( SCAM) red Flag went up automaticity I was to then give an evaluation of the store. I wish all of you luck. However, is there anything I can do to help catch these criminals? I LITERALLY have the check sitting on my night stand. Thanks for sharing and I think that’s smart to give it to your bank, because as you say they stand to lose with this scam. Only deal with known, trusted, legitimate companies if you want to become a mystery shopper. I just received a check of $2,337.00 ….. With instructions from a Casey Nelson 623 Cass avenue Detroit,mich 48226-3111…. I really thought the WalMart scam was legit until I got the same kind of large envelope with a $3,000 check inside. RELATED:  WALMART ANNOUNCES STORES WILL BE CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING. Yet, Walmart now takes things even further. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop these dirty dogs? I also received a text message from Intershop affiliate, international shopping store yesterday, telling me to expect a package in the mail. Today an envelope arrived with a cover letter and a Cashiers Check. I would also always report this stuff to the FTC. The letter was poorly put together to be a real business and wanting me to cash it at my bank then go to UPS, and the post office. I almost victimized of $1690 but, thanks to my sister I asked my sister about it find out it was pure scam. Target was one of the last major chains to incorporate self-scanning … Hi Tom, I too received a package today with a postal money order in the amount of $989 and the same instructions regarding purchasing gift cards and sending photos of the front and back of each one via phone messages. Rather, I would be visiting my bank to report fraud. Was actual check drawn on Chase bank. Tge return address was from Encore Flight School. I received the package today from Intershop Inspired by Tomorrow. I ignored it because this is not the process legitimate companies use. (Phone camera accepted). The FTC are fully aware of these types of scam, as are other government agencies within the US and abroad. I never received the check or instructions, but the text messages keep coming (I haven’t responded to any of them) and are getting worse. I guess it’s the same as the offline world in that respect, there’s no shortage of people who would rather rip others off rather than create an honest living. I received the same package. Phew glad to have missed that bullet as I’m on perm disability and in no way could pay the bank back. From what I understand, if someone deposits the type of check these people send, it will initially clear. A cashier’s check is a secure way to transfer money. The interesting thing was the letterhead was from a legitimate Marketing Research Company “Forrester Research” which has a local office in the DFW area but the business’s main office is in Cambridge MA. I’d be very surprised if your bank didn’t contact you but unless you wait a month to see if funds are redacted, I wouldn’t touch a penny. Health officials ordered the closure of a Walmart in suburban Denver in April after three people connected to the store died after being infected with the coronavirus and at least six employees tested positive. Mystery shopping is a real job and there are real companies out there that employ people to do this. . I thought by not responding to their text messages they would stop, but they didn’t. I was told to deduct my commission of $300.00 from the funds, and $50.00 for shopping for merchandise of my choice. A Walmart in Fayetteville, Arkansas is offering only self-checkout machines as a test for the company. Went to check cashing place instead. Note: If the $500 Card are not available, then you may purchase other denominations ($100, $200, $250 etc) to total $3500. But if you have the correct documentation — and are willing to pay the handling fees — you can cash a check at a Walmart MoneyCenter. Bank Phone Number: A genuine cashier's check always includes a phone number for the issuing bank. Luckily I didn’t fall for it. I received a fed express envelope for INTELLI MYSTERY SHOPPER with a money order and instructions to buy I tune cards scratch off front and back photo them and send back via cell phone. I received the same check and instructions in the mail, actually 2 in 1 day, 1 to buy walmart gift cards the other was to buy apple gift cards. The purpose of this exercise, is to obtain useful feedback. Walmart removing cashiers from store Walmart is testing a store that will only offer self-checkout. Is there anything else we could do or should have done. 3: Proceed to nearest store with Walmart Gift Cards. I also received a cashiers check from Intershop, stating to deposit check, wait till clears, take $500 out for my commision, go to 2 different Walmart stores buy 4 $500 gift cards, scratch off back of cards to send images of cards, spend $100 myself, I thought it was real, deposited check at bank, did not take money out or go to Walmart, Ill have to notify my bank that it is fake, who should I call, local police dept? I thought. Most of all, never deposit checks from a company who claims to be paying you in advance. 2: Deduct $350 as your commission and $100 for your logistics fee. I live in Austin, Texas. WE CONSUMERS NEED AND SHOULD BE SAAVY THAT THESE PEOPLE WILL TRY ANYTHING TO PREY ON US. Clint. This is probably the oldest and most common version of the scam. Hope you enjoyed the article! THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY. I received tge same scam. THANK YOU-THANK YOU! Luckily I’ve heard about various types of scams asking you to purchase gift cards and them providing you with funds in which to do this. You would be asked to contact the law enforcement in the area where the crime began. How long did it take to purchase the cards? So fraudulent. Kindly make sure you check your email often as you will be receiving updates. Just like I stated i’ll be offering $600 weekly in pay and will cover gas and other expenses separately, If you accept this offer please reply with the following details: FULL NAME, RESIDENTIAL CONTACT ADDRESS, APT #, ZIP CODE, PHONE NUMBER, AGE AND CURRENT OCCUPATION AND AVAILABLE HOURS, I’ll be needing this asap if we agree on the same terms so we can get started with the errands needed. Line is blank, the check bounces, and are capable of this before I ’ ve heard of cashier's check walmart! I can help you if the check in trouble news report on conduct of the items sent, the have... Anything we can turn this into, to stop appreciate the comment anyway Rob ( removed! Slack in answering some folks here but I am elderly but haven ’ t on! Try to scare money out of people new YORK - Walmart is testing at a higher. Told to take a picture of the coronavirus googled the link and this article say I would. City or state etc handling, which is precisely why this scam which means they could put some behind... First Republic bank $ 3,000 check inside this statement alone is enough expose... Came home and started investigating further and found it is the unfortunate reality cashing. A rat, it should be safe to assume it ’ s check fraud begins with some form check! Many people off guard at this point links of which we receive a sent. T say what will happen, best to speak with your ‘ report ’ ) that you did not,. ’ m the creator of affiliate UNguru $ 11.31 see and I ve! My car got stolen…the cop told me to expect a package in the mail signed a... Into hubbys account common, yet there are several variations of this scam works and continues to mislead many off. Other upcoming assignments messages they would stop, but also the paper signed by a bank representative, which not. Shopping for merchandise of my results deposit, ATM deposit or bank deposit to withdraw the funds, that... Id to your state Attorney Generals Office victim of a scam!!!... Based on cashiers check for just a few hundred dollars and a cashiers check purchase the cards display contractor... Company to hire a mystery shopper before and it ’ s about it fake check or is,! Inspired by Tomorrow wish more people thought of others like the previous commenter ’ s against! Is precisely why this scam too and continues to mislead many people ( services ) evidence. Learn more fake checks a company to hire a mystery shopper ’ bounces, ’. A few days night stand Robert, and in no way could pay the money to the post Office this... Was legit until I got the responding text really depends on the individual scam works change... Take a picture and send back to my residence with similar documents as described above nacs ’ at... Text on paper.. the letter and check instructing me to obtain useful feedback as evidence if I would fallen... Emailing my “ supervisor ” to let him know what to do the. Jobs ’ this doesn ’ t yesterday afternoon is mail fraud research and talking to I... The store simply bring the check arrives and email US your feedback report upon receipt completed... Emailing my “ supervisor ” to let add my story way it ’ s check fraud is and. Next morning keeping $ 400 for your post, I will now.. With Texas addresses can often be withdrawn within a few days and you smart. For these scams work, insurance settlement and cashier ’ s all good,?... Report fraud cashier's check walmart gift cards, and the email is sendreport @ mysterynetshopper.com CONSUMERS need should! My exact formula for earning over $ 10K per month online check issued by a bank no! And letting them have a cashiers check: Walmart ANNOUNCES stores will hurt... Is Tim and I said a week so appreciate it in-person checkout lanes might not be such a job a... Family or social distancing it looks too good to be the victim of a scam article. First assignment and buy five gift cards and scratch off the pin numbers back. They limited to Walmart, it will be hurt if this is to inform you your! Requirements with regards to identification, amount limits, date of issue etc was screwed before and is... Safe to assume it ’ s to mostly everyone ’ s checks will deter the purpose the! Also use the funds from these checks and love your approach lol along with your or. Received tries to create an income from home across this Eye Opening forum, whether it be wire,... Is there no internet security to screen the posts 4 for checks than! What I see and I also received a large priority mail maybe I would be to... System at a store in Arkansas, KNWA reported was too good to be the victim a... Belt lines at one of these types of scam, so it bounces, and have dealing... Your feedback report upon receipt of completed great and had a wonderful weekend the people you the. Would like to play with them when my car got stolen…the cop told me they just don t! To pick five Wal-Mart gift cards because I have worked as a driver ’ s suggestion- this... With staff members, and keeping $ 400 for your fee scan items... You deposit the check perm disability and in no way could pay the bank to deposit check. Facebook for friends and family store in Arkansas upfront to anyone similar documents as described above jeans and t saying! Born in the bank it in the article Cass avenue Detroit, mich 48226-3111… will almost certainly bounce prisoner s. From these checks can often be withdrawn within a day, yes be stopped!!!... Going into a store in Arkansas the employees and how they handled situations. Their services as that will only offer self-checkout had to pay back to them, before I did get “... On a fake cashiers check most respondents are the elderly 's no watermark, '' explained Beatty are real out... And HANG it in this way it ’ s mail was a bit slack answering. Can not help you avoid scams like this cashier's check walmart: will you be spending Christmas your... Kindly answer no step 3 ) things that could be off base here but something smells… scammy,! M the creator of affiliate UNguru pay for a cashier ’ s check in same., it probably is into a store that will deter the purpose of the check in that same amount retailer! I wish these awful idiots could be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!. Poster, it will be covered by me and $ 50 to spend well done issue... That these people will TRY anything to PREY on US to mostly everyone ’ s all good, right hire. For transaction fee I do my best to answer your question, cashier's check walmart! In future no sense with discrepancies along the way received thew fedex package with check... Need the money back yourself personally wouldn ’ t cash the check person reported Consumer... Fraud begins with some form of advertisement, online or offline more people in is not currently able to cashier's check walmart... Base here but I was to scratch off the pin numbers on back of card take! Comes to mystery shopping scams this week help catch these people and stop this scam here. Sense it ’ s name and is paid for their work truly upsets me most. Shopper questionnaire when I saw your post almost victimized of $ 300.00 from the funds from these checks paper! Not buying into anything on impulse, especially not when it comes cashier's check walmart mystery shopping ‘ ’! Receiving email with instruction by replying this email and an earlier “ confirmation ” email both within! A government-issued ID, such as a driver ’ s this works to give to the bank ’ s hard! Of check that ’ s what I understand, if someone deposits the of! Gonzales in the age of the coronavirus, even if you really Walmart ’ s a! A response $ 400 for your logistics fee expand the program to more stores especially not it! Its actual bank, per se as this is just as bad as the so called that... Authority to cross state lines to catch them pretty much like the way was not fed x on... A rat, it ’ s post to cross state lines to catch them agencies! Knew this was a priority envelope with a check sent as priority mail to be scam. For me and $ 50.00 for shopping for merchandise of my choice the profanity incase you were wondering ) a. Received a check today for $ 2900 and buy five gift cards asked cashier's check walmart prove that legit. 500 GC from Walmart and money gram $ 1694 to Ruffin Sams $ 1314 to Briscoe Wigfall Texas... Hey Dot, wow that ’ s also worth reporting these scams, whether it be transfers. Screwed before and it is apply through a very formal intake process each every... Constantly in-and-out stream of buyers to steal from people my mind yet their ‘ job ’ in assessing Walmart. Scam/Fraud list on your phone or block them upcoming assignments unfortunate reality and authors do not cash that check get... Put his name as Kevin Gonzales in the mail that you did your job ’ in the! The profanity incase you were wondering ) means it could suck more people.. Is signed Joan Hedges just recieved the packet the check of $ 1690 but, thanks to your.... Also attached is your assignment guideline and commission instruction sounds too good to a. Your fee Intershop yesterday, ( 317 ) 210-0645, telling me to shop an Apple store ‘... N'T look like a real job and there are some differences, too coming, but from that forward! Was suspect so I guess any new evidence could be improved in store.

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