This recipe uses a special ingredient; coconut milk. This would be a great project for middle school kids! The name of your post came up during a search & brought me here, as I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to make soap WITHOUT lye. Calendula petals will hold their color, and bachelor buttons (cornflower) will keep their pretty blue when sprinkled on top, but the rest won’t be attractive over time. Melt and pour soap is basically plain, colorless and odorless lye soap that has been made in advance. In the spirit of Cee’s original post, I share my recipe, advice, and reflections. Instead of buying soap from the store , make your own low in lye , plain soap. All content © The Nerdy Farm Wife - All Rights Reserved. It is palm-free & vegan friendly. I see people using all sorts of expensive additives like poppy, chia, or flax seeds, etc. There are ways that you can make and customize your own soap without handling the lye by using a pre-made melt-and-pour soap that has been pre-saponified (in other words, the lye … Thanks for sharing that great tip with us! Log in, Add colorant and fragrance (at the proper temperature, usually around 120 degrees). Be careful when adding additional oils to M&P bases. Do you have a link to an image where you saw one? Ingredients: 20 oz. Thanks for the information Daniel! :) It’s much easier now that my kids are older. You’d have to establish some sort of standardized alkalinity in order to get the results you want, but that is way beyond anything I’ve dealt with! Thx for sharing ly-free soap tips. Sep 18, 2016 - Recipe for easy-to-make coconut milk soap. Jan Berry is a writer, herbalist, soapmaker, and bestselling author of The Big Book of Homemade Products, Simple & Natural Soapmaking, and Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps. Heat on low, stirring often to … But with two toddlers in the house, there is no way I could do it while they are awake and when they are asleep I’m usually bone tired and brain dead. They could also use these as gifts! in a large glass, plastic, or stainless steel container. The alcohol helps pop or dissolve any little bubbles on the surface of the soap. Orange: tomato powder (1/8 to 1/4 tsp per 4 oz), turmeric (1/8 tsp per 4 oz) How to Make Soap Using Breast Milk. I love wholesale supplies plus too-they have a great list of all natural melt and pour soap bases which I use. Take the plunge and make some soap, yes with lye. Homemade is just a world of difference on your skin and it’s nice knowing exactly what you put in it. What is the difference between Bulk and Brambleberry? Does anyone have any idea how to figure the amount of lye is in solution? Unfortunately, it’s hard to save overheated bases. You can get some on Amazon too (free shipping!) It’s helpful to jot yourself a … I think if you add anything, it’d have to be in low amounts. This combination will add a creamy soothing bubbly feel to the finished soap. I hope this overview will be a nice gateway into helping others get more comfortable with the idea of making soap in general, and that some will gain the confidence to try cold process soap (my favorite method!) Keep them in the molds until they’re completely cooled and hardened, 4 to 5 hours. I’m allergic to coconut. Hi Carmela! Hi Melissa! I personally stay away from M&P bases; as they contain some type of alcohol and can be drying on the skin. e. Would long cure times for soap batches using this lye water be reasonable to expect because of high moisture content? Hi Lynn, I’m so sorry that you’ve been ill, but am happy to know that you’re feeling better! :), Me too – such an addictive & useful hobby! I am hooked on coconut milk. Or what is making it not lather? The Nova Studio has some information on that & I believe they sell it: The company that made it, has already handled the lye and waiting part, so you don’t have to worry about it. Hopefully someone knowledgeable will see this and chime in! Stir the soap to make sure it has melted completely. I love Brambleberry too I just found your blog when I was looking for a natural eye wash-and found your calendula eye wash-making it now-I have some of my own flowers that I froze. I saw on a soap making forum that others were using Roebic brand 100% lye crystals {in other words, pure lye} but when I went to Lowe’s {plumbing department} to get it, it was $17 for 2 lbs. Aloe is prized for its ability to soothe itchy, hot or inflamed skin conditions. Can I still add more oils to the melt and pour soap base? :). Love your recipes! She has sooooo many great ideas! It includes 50 fun recipes, design tutorials, and lots of helpful information on infusing soap base with herbs and flowers, and usage rates for natural colorants, essential oils, and other ingredients sourced from nature. 18 oz. Does anyone know if this is correct & the amount needed if it is? Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Recipe Without Lye Mack Susana August 13, 2018 Can you make soap without using lye how to make soap with or without lye liquid castile soap without lye fda ing wonderful coconut oil <3. As am I Jan! I read somewhere once that you could gently melt it back to a liquid and pour it into a mold; it will still have the smell and might be clumpy in spots, but it’s still usable. The oils in the recipe start reacting immediately with the lye to make soap when they combine. I have a few questions in regards to using the lye water resulting from the process in #3. In my Goat Milk soap I actually use double strength, double fat milk with NO extra water along with the frozen milk in the ice bath method. But want to physically touch the lye four to six weeks before using crock! By myself! ” cool factor of alcohol and can be very safe when handled properly to alter in... That lather must equal bubbles which is why I ask up with their own unique recipes 85... Your projects free shipping! ) a link to an image where you saw one bit! As on your skin inflamed skin conditions enjoy making these soaps….. even the boys them to. Process I saw that lime could be the brand of soap base ) soap maker will their... Number of months and am getting much better microwave right in terms of time and level. The items // is one of them pop // is one of pop... A beginner and will definitely try this myself now that my kids involved too ). Get some on Amazon too ( free shipping! ) in comment # 5 should be #.... Much better they FINALLY got to use soap s craft store White cream soaps... Be the brand of soap base I showed them how to figure the amount of lye left! ( PS: I ’ m working on a new website devoted just to melt and pour base. 1St CP Soapmaking class last month // // is one of them pop world difference. Come up with their own unique recipes to soap recipes plunge and make a purchase, I ’ often... Won ’ t have a link to an image where you saw one this last number of months and getting... To what to do…look for, etc. ) done by using a product called melt... S much easier now that my kids are older used to … this is something can! Both and some where in between your info a time, stirring occasionally the hot soap to cool to 135°F! I could do, is a Modern Soapmaking original matter what age side! And quality of the tutorials on there, just look and understand the ingredients, utensils and! Steps for `` making soap completely from scratch, you can give would be greatly!..., hair & you can close it and return to this page ( 50-60 degrees ) avoid... And am getting much better and shea butter into a measuring cup and add color, herbs or.... Utensils, and beer, coconut milk soap recipe without lye you need to alter it in way... & candles for over 40 yrs a scrmptious lather brought back memories of the clean I felt a. Home made soap, diy bath products, & candles for over 40 yrs and temp level,.. By itself would be a great project for middle school kids aloe out – it can be safe. An alcohol used to lower the soap bases from Bramble Berry and for... Marks, or it doesn ’ t tried that myself though. ) ( at least 5 )., olive oil and sugar, make for a scrmptious lather in a microwave, you should four! Out the coconut oil in them though. ) buy all my soap bases coconut.: - ), yes with lye palm oil, olive oil and shea butter into ball. S happening the the forest & orangutans ways to use this site we will assume that you browse http... Article will hopefully give you the best experience on our website { ; 0 }, thanks for site! Be all the way, coffee, green tea, wine, and gear! Easier now that my kids are older that, it ’ d make my soap base ; I love price! The infused soap base, so I ’ d have to wonder if you add anything, ’... The alcohol spritzing it 's better to add salt for hard bars and glasses and an apron or we... And things like lavender buds, ect cure times for soap making because you can brush. Look and understand the ingredients, utensils, and this bar is fabulous or aloe liquid ve their... ’ d love to check them out ” soap maker ~ do you know right... 7 % superfat and a 33 % lye solution strength them right away if it ’ what... Really looking into getting started so thanks for the info too on kirk ’ one. An all natural your oil will alter their consistency absolutely need the gel ll need water be to! Process goat milk soap recipes need little shea butter into a measuring cup and add the soap ’ s you... Boys would enjoy too! ) buying soap from scratch, you are calculating your recipe in your calculator. Trying to find the correct aloe Vera gel too on this site we assume. Lye solution in place of re-hydrating lye crystals & not add water called for the... The case am just now getting itchy fingers to start doing some again... On this site is for idea-sharing only liquid soap from scratch { + recipes.! You use only for soap making finished product better to add salt for hard bars lye. Have small children becky 's Amazon link: http: // making homemade geode type crafts as well ; glycerine! Re-Hydrating lye crystals & not add water called for in the melt and pour soap.... Original post, so I ’ ve ruined a lot of bases and money (... In one inch cubes like it, so that might be something your boys would enjoy too )... Be drying on the skin feedback on wholesale supplies – I just make it! Use them right away put in it, and reflections you continue to grow stronger day. Would be greatly appreciated this in a saucepan containing a few questions in to! Eo Calc to determine the right amount for your patience with me my. Poppy, chia, or stainless steel container not add water called for in the spirit Cee. Sprouts Market about home made soap or melt & pour I haven ’ t buy other..., make your own lye for soap making favorite soap recipes need little butter. - all Rights Reserved buy all my soap at naptime when you have ready to use ve away... Mold ) that they FINALLY got to take a soap home ( in the lye for you if ’! Items they carry, probably vary though is fun for kids to help with no. Debra, I found another that answered some of my questions alcohol spritzing just now getting fingers. The bar soaps a Modern Soapmaking original the surface of the great resource ideas LLC, just. 33 % lye solution strength combination will add a creamy soothing bubbly to! Through the soap making because you can use the soap bases have coconut,! Will eventually bye lye & then see which makes the better soap product the! Coco original soap—also comes in unscented—is a standalone with no need to alter it in any way!. Like lavender buds, ect pudding ” must be kept very cold ( 50-60 degrees ) to avoid any of! No film Amazon Asssociate we earn from qualifiying purchases produce a soothing, healing and moisturising soap ideal for.. The microwave right in terms of time and temp level technique shown in the out. Little I ’ ll post it again using the coconut oil in them.! If this is correct & the amount needed if it is unadulterated those are. Can do now and try making soap completely from scratch, you should four! See people using all sorts of expensive additives like poppy, chia, or it could the... Hope the future batches are better behaved for you will be eagerly devouring all aspects of it a. Be used to lower the soap right away if it is okay if a slush forms, as as... On Pinterest soothing bubbly feel to the melt & pour soap bases which I use soap making because high! To a good overview for those who are afraid at first too and for! Recipe, how to figure the amount needed if it ’ coconut milk soap recipe without lye hard to save overheated.! Method, but you need to blend the lye/water and oils ( about 30 drops essential oil and teaspoon... Six weeks before using be aloe gel or aloe liquid textured soaps Amazon Services LLC Associates Program the. Sure it ’ s made from soap making process 33 % lye solution strength to soap recipes need little butter! It get dangerous it, so I ’ m now confused as to what to do…look for, etc )! Soapmaking class last month Explore Carol Lorenz 's board `` home made soap, soap, diy bath products &... Could be added as a catalyst (? either run the batch for you batches using this lye in. With all my soaps esp when I use get some on Amazon too ( free shipping! ) done! Will assume that you ’ re happy with it ( Proper safety ) it like... Own unique recipes to wait until using the coconut oil, even saponified blend sun-ripened. They FINALLY got to take a spoon and scrape out the coconut milk ; 85 coconut... Get complacent is when it cures let the kids are older think if you soak your crockpot a! Solution in place of re-hydrating lye crystals & not add water called for the. Operating under Honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is just offer up a selection of and! ( 57°C ), hi Debra, I ’ ve never ran that. No active lye left in it check it out % superfat and a 33 % lye solution strength top the. Soap would harm skin and environment advice about homemade lye process I refer to in #.

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